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In addition to studying Finance at Florida Atlantic University, Annamarie Lopinto is also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida. She aims to provide the highest standards of service to all her clients, to ensure their transactions proceed as smoothly as possible. Those who wish to enjoy similar success in the industry need to possess a number of key qualities, including the below.

Annamarie Lopinto

Communication Skills

Real estate agents must be able to communicate easily and with confidence at all times. Not only does this allow them to create relationships with their clients, allowing them to develop trust and explain complex concepts to them, but it also puts them at an advantage when they are placed in negotiation situations.


As alluded to earlier, trust is vital to the success of real estate agents. They must have the full confidence of their clients, who will only want to work with people who are dedicated to serving their best interests. As such, those who are less than transparent will often find that clients doubt what they do and eventually move on to find more reliable agents.


The property market is complex at the best of times, so real estate agents like Annamarie Lopinto need to be able to demonstrate expertise to attract clients. They must follow trends in the industry and consider how they will affect the people they work with, which means they need to stay vigilant when it comes to researching the industry and staying on top of recent developments.