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Annamarie Lopinto juggles a number of responsibilities. She is an executive assistant at one of Florida’s leading finance firms, serving top executives in her field. She is a full-time student at Florida Atlantic University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in finance. And she works as a real estate agent part-time, supplementing her income. Over time, Annamarie Lopinto has found she has a natural affinity for marketing and selling properties in the cut-throat real estate industry. She thoroughly enjoys working as an agent in addition to attending class and working as an assistant, even if she has little time for herself.

Annamarie Lopinto

A real estate agent is essentially a sales professional, and Annamarie Lopinto is an excellent saleswoman. She is hired by property owners to entice prospective property owners to assume financial responsibility of a particular house or piece of land. In order to be successful and make money, you have to be willing to think like a salesperson.

Annamarie Lopinto advises aspiring real estate agents to host lots of open houses. Don’t ever turn away a buyer or seller either, especially when you are first starting out. Even if a property sale doesn’t translate into a fat commission, you will attract more business later on and begin selling pricier homes in the near future by racking up sales. Also, build a close relationship with both the owners and prospective buyers when handling a commission. Convince both parties that you are competent and trustworthy. That way, the owners will trust you to take care of their best interests while prospective buyers will feel like you are securing them the best deal.

When clients are telling you what they want out of selling their home or purchasing a new one, listen carefully. Don’t just show a client a listing because it’s been on the market for a while; show them a house you believe truly matches their needs and taste after careful research. By listening, you will gain the best insight into what options are right for them.

Annamarie Lopinto understands how to work with her clients to find the best possible deal as a real estate agent. She is happy she can always fall back on real estate if her other goals don’t pan out.