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Annamarie Lopinto loves to exercise. She is an executive assistant for a leading finance firm in Palm Beach, Florida as well as a real estate agent and full-time student, so Annamarie Lopinto is very busy. But she always makes time to exercise, because she has found that physical activity is the perfect way to decompress after a stressful work or school day. Annamarie Lopinto dreams of operating her own business one day, hopefully in the interior design industry. She believes her prolific background in finance will give her an edge in future entrepreneurial ventures. She was inspired to study finance during her undergraduate career not only because her job as an executive assistant has given her unique insight into the broader functions of a fiscal company, but also because Annamarie Lopinto knows mismanaging a budget is the most prevalent reason why new businesses fail. She is determined to not let that happen.

Annamarie Lopinto

Operating your own business is no easy feat, and Annamarie Lopinto is aware most new businesses don’t make it through the first year. However, if you have a solid business model and plan, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to grow your business from the very beginning.

The overarching principle to keep in mind when operating a new business is to focus on the customer. A satisfied, happy customer doesn’t just bring in capital for your business, they also promote your company by describing their experience to others. An entrepreneurial venture in its infancy leans heavily on the customer in order to spread the word and generate new clientele. Before launching, you must ensure that all your employees are dedicated to excellent customer service as well as your enterprise’s mission. Hire people with the most experience who are absolute experts in your industry.

Annamarie Lopinto plans to follow these tips when she starts her own company. She believes that those who fail are those who fail to plan, and that’s the most ubiquitous reason why new businesses fail. Annamarie Lopinto continues to plan ahead and plan for the future.