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Since initiating her professional career in finance, Annamarie Lopinto has come to a number of conclusions about the fiscal sector and why young people are drawn to finance. While earning her degree full-time, Annamarie Lopinto works as a real estate agent and executive assistant for a leading financial corporation in Palm Beach. Both jobs give Annamarie Lopinto a taste of how it will be to one day have a career in finance. She is always trying to develop her professional expertise and establish her place in the industry.

Annamarie Lopinto

Finance offers a number of different opportunities for the committed, educated worker. Annamarie Lopinto’s position as an executive assistant involves taking care of various corporate executives’ organizational responsibilities. Not only will you find this type of job in nearly all major industries, but also the role of executive assistant is just one of countless positions available in a sector typically associated with crunching numbers.

It is fruitful to peruse a career in finance; the industry pays well, which attracts young people in droves. When students graduate from college, intent on kicking off their professional careers, they want to show something for their work. Finance companies are always in need of professionals who are not only willing to work hard, but who know how to precisely complete job responsibilities after four years of classroom and internship training as well. During college, it is important to out-compete your peers.

Finance is also diverse in terms of responsibility, magnetizing young people to assorted facets of the vast, ever-changing industry. The field offers a lot more then just constant, inane arithmetic. Business managers are in high demand because executives need trusted employees to motivate their staff to work hard. They are essential to any business because they hold employees accountable. There are dozens of professional paths you can take in the financial sector.

The truth is finance pays well, offers decent work and can be flexible in terms of job responsibility. Annamarie Lopinto‘s is working hard to make her dream a reality: to obtain a high-paying, high-responsibility professional career in finance. Her dedication is admired by professional colleagues and university peers alike.