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Annamarie Lopinto has always fostered a passion for learning, and she is known by family and peers for tirelessly working to secure her goals and future’s bounty. She is highly strategic and career-oriented, currently attending Florida Atlantic University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in finance, which is an industry that Annamarie Lopinto has already been employed in for some time. While working as an executive assistant for a premiere finance company in Palm Beach, Florida, she has discovered an unrequited love for fiscal and monetary business dealings. Now, Annamarie Lopinto is committed to learning everything she can in order to rise to the top of the financial industry.

Annamarie Lopinto

If you are looking to learn more about the inner-workings of your field, Annamarie Lopinto recommends applying for executive assistant jobs. Specifically search for assistive, administrative jobs serving executives or business managers at a stable company you could imagine yourself working for one day. If you are a student, use the resources privileged to you by your tuition, whether it be searching for job opportunities through a university database or meeting with your professors to see if they recommend any reputable, relevant companies that could provide insight to your prospective career. Annamarie Lopinto insists that you will have the experience of a lifetime working as an executive assistant for any company.

Executive assistants are expected to complete a wide range of duties and to exceed their bosses’ expectations. Annamarie Lopinto helps her financial firm’s executives by managing their calendars and coordinating meetings as well as taking notes during those meetings. She also provides administrative support for her bosses. Annamarie Lopinto evaluates various documents, conducts research reports and supervises co-workers on the clerical team. Before taking an executive assistant job, she recommends practicing how to take notes in shorthand. You will often be called upon to take notes; shorthand will help you write in a more orderly and proficient manner so you never omit anything important.

Annamarie Lopinto has been working as an executive assistant for some time. She has gained indispensable knowledge about the financial industry through her experience and is often called upon by her employers to assist and train other assistants. Annamarie Lopinto is confident she can rise to the top of the financial industry and she can’t wait to put her passion and intellect to the test.