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Annamarie Lopinto is an individual who is dedicated to achieving success through out her professional career. She is always finding ways to improve upon her already successful career, although she is only starting out in the professional world. In addition to being a student at Florida Atlantic University, she is also serving as a real estate agent, and an Executive Assistant fora leading corporation in Palm Beach. As she works her way up in the financial and professional world, which motivated her to study finance during her undergraduate career. Annamarie hopes to one day be able to operate her own business.

Annamarie Lopinto

Operating a new business is no easy feat; in fact, most new business owners don’t make it through the first year. However, if you have a solid business model and plan, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to grow your business from the very beginning.

The first thing to remember when operating a new business is to focus on the customer. A satisfied customer not only brings in capital for the new business, they also promote your company as well by describing their experience. A new business relies on the customer in order to be successful, and therefore the focus needs to be on quality customer service.

In addition to focusing on the customer, there also needs to be a focus on new employees. You want to hire people that are absolute experts in the industry you are hoping to serve.

Annamarie Lopinto plans to follow these tips when she decides to start her own company. She believes that those who fail are those who fail to plan! She continues to plan ahead and plan for the future.