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Annamarie Lopinto is a dedicated individual with the drive to succeed through out her professional career in the financial industry. She has the reputation amongst her friends and colleagues of being big-picture oriented, meaning that she doesn’t just work for the present, she works in the present to impact her future in a positive way. Currently, she is working as a real estate agent, a finance student at Florida Atlantic University, and an Executive Assistant for a leading corporation in palm beach Florida.

Annamarie Lopinto

The role of an executive assistant is extremely important to any company operating in any industry. Most people think of an executive assistant as a somewhat of a secretary, but they do much more. On a very basic level, the general duties of an executive assistant include managing calendars, coordinating meetings for their employers and other businesses, and of course, taking note of important messages.

However, an executive assistant is tasked with doing much more than coordinating their employers extremely busy schedules, they also provide a great deal of administrative support. It isn’t uncommon for executive assistants to be responsible for analyzing documents, conducting research reports, or supervising other members of the clerical staff.

Annamarie Lopinto takes her role as an executive assistant very seriously. She has become an indispensible part of the executive team, and she has learned a lot in order to prepare for a more in depth career in the industry.