While not as common in her home state of Florida, Annamarie Lopinto sees that there is an interest in the western themed design that is favored in other areas of the country. This style, which has rustic features, can be found in every state, not just in the west. Reminiscent of the old west, the style is iconic, and features elements that are unique to its design. Lopinto says that if you wish to have a western design in your interior, the first thing you need is strong and sturdy wood furniture. This furniture should be solid wood, not composite or pressed board, and should have an almost bulky appearance. As the western design style is meant to evoke thoughts of nature, this type of furniture best represents the ideals of large trees and natural beauty.

Annamarie Lopinto

Animals are represented in western design in a number of ways, from artwork to sculpture, textiles to floor coverings. The cow and the horse are the most important animals to use in a western themed interior. Many items should have natural or a good quality faux cow and horse hide print. In this theory, leather is also very important to western detail. Upholstered items should be leather, and even have tooled accents. Speaking of tooled leather, one of the best items to place in a western themed space is an old saddle.

Annamarie Lopinto finds many people are in love with the classic beauty of the western interior design theme.