As a woman who sees herself in the role of interior designer, Annamarie Lopinto places the modern design category in high esteem. This timeless décor scheme deals with the most current and modernized looks, features, and functions of a space. This is not to imply that a modern design style has to be space-aged or full of technology, but it does represent certain characteristics that are inherent to the philosophy.

Annamarie Lopinto

A modern design always involves the use of clean lines. Whether the designer illustrates these lines through specific furniture styles, textile patterns, or art, there will be certain crispness to the space. Modern designs also carry with them a feel of comfort that is balanced by a lack of clutter. Often, a modern space is described as clean. In some forms of modern design, the color palette is muted or even monochromatic. Black and white are used as either primary or secondary colors, as well as gray. However, many modern designs will showcase bright colors along with the neutral palette choices, such as reds and blues.

The furniture used in modern interior design often appears harsher than what is seen in other design styles. These pieces are just as comfortable as their more padded or intricate counterparts, but supply the space with more elements of clean visual appeal. Annamarie Lopinto has discovered that while other design ideas waver in popularity, the modern design style is one that carries over from year to year.