As an aspiring interior designer, Annamarie Lopinto finds the concepts and principles of color theory fascinating. Scientifically color theory relates to the use of colors together, and how those colors interact with each other and their environment. For example, it may be easy for some people to visualize two colors together in a room, but how will those colors be affected by the changing light that shines through the windows? Color theory is as much an art form as it is a science, and takes years to master correctly. For those like Annamarie Lopinto who study color theory, there are a set of practical rules which can be relied on to make the proper color combination choices.

Annamarie Lopinto

Annamarie Lopinto

All interior designers wish to use color in their design schemes, as it not only brightens the space, but also shows the personality of the designer or home owner. The first step to successfully matching colors within a design is to determine where on the color wheel they reside. A color wheel, a printed tool that most designers carry with them, shows the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. A designer who understands color theory can look at how these colors interact with each other, both in compliment and in contrast.

As a part of her growth and education in the interior design business, Annamarie Lopinto seeks to employ the principles of color theory in all of her work. Doing this she will create rooms that are stunning, no matter what time of day.