The next big thing in technology never seems to be more than a few months away, but it changes so fast, most new stuff seems like it’s starting to get old, not long after you get it home, out of the box, and have figured out how to use it.

Annamarie Lopinto

Annamarie Lopinto

Nevertheless, here is a fearless glimpse into some of the developing technologies that some forecasters believe represent products that could revolutionize the way we look at technology. In a report that is limited to new technology that we should be seeing sometime in 2015, experts say that most new trends are going to rely, in one way or another, on interaction with cloud services. Of these the most obvious is the ongoing trend toward mobile devices. Some experts say that there is going to be a shift in focus, from the devices themselves to how the user and the device interact in different environments and in different contexts. What they’ll have in common is the cloud.

Another growing trend will be 3D printing. This has been a hot topic of several years now, but some believe it is about to really take off. Businesses need to be aware of this, and reevaluate their market position according to how 3D printing might impact their products and cost structure. For some the effect will be significant, while others may not see any kind of impact at all.

Something else to watch for this year is the smart machine, such as advanced robots and autonomous vehicles. Technological advancements have some prognosticators saying we are on the cusp of one of a robust smart machine era.

Annamarie Lopinto is a college student, real estate agent and executive secretary with a strong interest in new and developing technologies.